The Roy Law Office: Helping You Understand Maritime Law in Alexandria, LA

Maritime law in Alexandria constitutes of special legal remedies and rights to those parties who suffer injuries at sea. This special body of law is also composed of complex myriad of regulations, court precedent and federal statutes. At The Roy Law Office, our lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to assist you fully understand how this law relates to your case. They only specialize in this field of law and hence have gained enough experience enabling them to handle any kind of maritime cases.

An employee who suffers an injury when working at sea has a legal recourse under the law. Thus when such injuries occur, a number of federal statutes have to come into picture. Our lawyers will undertake a sensitive fact inquiry to know which federal statute applies in that case. Depending on the statute applied, certain obligations and rights will come into perspective. A worker will be entitled to compensation either by filling a law suit or automatically.

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