New Jersey Dog Bite Statute

Dogs can sometimes be ferocious and bite. In New Jersey, dog bites are covered by a statute which makes the owner of the dog liable for injuries occurring after any dog bite. It’s a “strict liability” statute. Basically this means the owner of a biting dog is liable for any form of injury arising from the dog bite, even when she or he used reasonable precaution to warn or protect others or to restrain the animal.

Basically speaking, when an individual gets bitten by a dog in the state of New Jersey, she or he doesn’t have to prove the owner of the dog was negligent or careless. All what is required to be proven is that indeed the bite occurred. After this happens you should contact a dog bite lawyer.

The statute only covers injuries arising from dog bites. It doesn’t cover injuries that are in other ways caused by dogs. For example, when the animal jumps on an individual walking on some public sidewalk and the individual gets knocked down, causing an injury, the statute doesn’t apply ( though in this case the injured individual might seek compensation, basing on the argument the owner of the dog adequately failed to control the dog.)

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