The Law Firm for Family Law – Spousal Support/Alimony

Upon any divorce, the court may issue an order for one spouse, usually with a higher income, to pay spousal support to the other. Spousal support or alimony is financial assistance awarded to a former spouse often with an aim to maintain them in the standards of living they previously had in marriage.
This monthly allowance given to a former spouse can be justified with the thought that one partner had to forego their career to take care of the family. Spousal support is paid depending on many factors including the duration of the marriage or the amount the other partner can afford.
While many people may want to overlook this, the issue of spousal support will always come up in any divorce. This is why you will need help from professionals like The Law Firm for Family Law, a family law firm in Palm Harbor, to discuss your possibilities of either paying or receiving social support.

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