Business litigation

Today Business Litigation has become increasingly common as even the largest companies adopt extremely unethical methods to take over smaller businesses, or acquire talent and technology cheaply. These companies may claim to be concerned about corporate ethics, yet they will often use corporate espionage to sabotage a smaller business, bribing powerful government offciials to waste tax payer money to harass the small business owner. Hiring a competent law firm like Gilstrap & Associates, P.C. will help the business deal with the larger companies and prevent further damage.

Business Litigation will include finding sufficient proof that the business was intentionally sabotaged by the larger company, which could include theft of documents, leads, orders, blocking of payment, diversion of correspondence. If sufficient proof can be provided by the lawyer for the affected business, the larger company guilty of corporate espionage, will usually settle the matter out of court to avoid an expensive legal battle.

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