Bus Accident

Buses are a convenient and fairly safe mode of transportation in El Paso, Texas. However, just like other vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles they are vulnerable to accidents. Bus accidents are caused by collision with other vehicles, impaired drivers, speeding, mechanical failure among other reasons. Incase you are injured in a bus accident it is important to seek a personal injury attorney to pursue your compensation claim from the negligent driver.

Hiring a bus accident attorney

Harmonson Law Firm has the most experienced auto accident attorney in El Paso, Texas. If you have been involved in a bus accident contact the attorney at Harmonson Law firm for legal assistance. The lawyer will give you free consultation regarding your legal rights in your personal injury claim. He will skillfully negotiate a maximum settlement from negligent driver’s insurer or seek a fair verdict in case the matter proceeds to court. You are assured of the best settlement and an opportunity to move on with your life if you hire the attorney at Harmonson Law Firm.


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